Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 4 Stats

Age: 36 yrs
Start Weight: 163 lbs (uuuuuuuugh)
This week's weight: 161 lbs!! (up 2!)
Last Week's Weight:
159 lbs
BMI: 27 (no change)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I gained weight this week!! 2 frickin' pounds!!!! I know I wasn't as careful as I could be, but I really didn't overindulge that much. Here's hoping my scale sucks ass... a possibility, since I'm relying on the Wii Fit scale. I've heard it's not very consistent. Time to get new batteries for our real scale.

Well, here's to a fresh start.


  1. That sucks! Hopefully it is the scale. I'm back from the cottage and free to exercise any day that you are this week. If it stays this hot I'd vote for laps in the pool. Let me know when you're free.

  2. How does Weds after lunch work for you? I need to add exercise to this diet!! I think Tues is supposed to rain.

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