Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 4 Day 5, 6, 7 Summary

So although it was the weekend (my biggest challenge of them all), and I did indulge, I still showed a bit of restraint and didn't pig out as much as I could have.

Friday I had my usual breakfast. We then went to the movies where I had a water and half of a small popcorn (restraint!). We had lunch at Moxie's, John and I split the 3 dip bread, and I had a side caesar salad with half of a beef dip sandwich. No dessert! I am drawing a complete blank on what we had for dinner that night, I'll edit when it comes to me (I know it wasn't junk though, I always remember the junk).

Saturday was coffee for breakfast (bad habit!), then 1 small hamburger & 1 small hotdog at J&T's house who were having a BBQ. Dinner was at home, Shepard's Pie chock full of veggies. I hosted Kylie's baby shower (fun!) and ate 2 cupcakes, some garlic bread, and a couple of small sausage rolls. I made everyone take home what was left at the end of the night, I would have eaten it all on Sunday if they didn't!

Sunday: my dad came over for brunch. 1 egg + BBQ steak + 1 slice toast. Dinner: leftover Shepard's Pie.

Swimming in J&T's pool on saturday (although it was just floating around, so don't think it counts!!). Walking with Jill Sunday night.

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