Friday, July 31, 2009

Week 2, Day 4 Summary

... a day late! Yesterday was a busy afternoon/evening. We went over to Jasmine's house and made dinner for Jas, Pete & William (and Sophie but she doesn't eat LOL) so they could get a bit of a break. Then Jasmine, Kylie and I went to the hospital to visit our friend Jen who just had a baby girl (Zoey). She's adorable!!

By the time I got home, it was a bit late. Just enough time to watch Big Brother on the PVR and go to bed (don't judge. Guilty pleasure!).

Here's what I ate today (yesterday):
Water: 6 glasses

leftover Shepard's pie LOL

5 asian dumplings, salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucmber, 1.5 tbsp dressing)

Hamburger on whwh bun, corn & bean salad (corn, black beans, tomatoes, red peppers, green onions, dressing of olive oil and lime juice)

Total calorie intake: 1,390 calories

None. Again.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 2, Day 3 Summary

Here's what I ate today:
Water: 5 glasses

Coffee. That's it. Don't get me started lol

2 eggs, 1 slice whwh toast.

Shepard's pie

1 slice whwh toast, 2 tbsp all-natural PB, 2 tbsp no sugar added strawberry jam, 1 glass skim milk.

Total calorie intake: 1,695 calories (it's the PB&J that put me over, but I needed to munch on something tonight!!)

None. Again. I was too wiped and cranky. And Jill even invited me for a walk this evening but I just wanted to crash. I know. Horrible. And walking with a friend is the best, it doesn't even feel like exercise. I'm going to get John to force me to do something physical tomorrow (get your head's outta the gutter!! lol)

Week 2, Day 3 (Part I)

*argh* I skipped breakfast. Had some crazy work deadlines and it just slipped on by. And boy was I a banshee!!! I'm still feeling all wound up.

I don't think it's just the lack of food though.
  • Dealing with a seriously crappy client
  • PMS
  • No breakfast
EQUALS a super snarky Stephanie. Breath. Breath. Breath.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 2, Day 2 Summary

Here's what I ate today:
Water: 5 glasses

Coffee, 1 egg, 1 slice whwh toast, 1 tsp butter (seems to be my "usual"!).

3/4 cup pasta, 2 tbsp pesto, 1 tomato.

1 small pork chop with about 1 tbsp BBQ sauce, fresh peas with a bit of butter, steamed carrots, broccoli & cauliflower.

Total calorie intake: 1,245 calories as of 7:30pm. I may have a small snack, I'll update if I do.

ETA: I did have a small slice of toast with PB&J (all natural, sugar free) with a glass of milk, bringing me to a total of 1,555 calories.

I need to snack between meals, or at least between lunch and dinner. I find myself starving by the time dinner rolls around, which then makes me want to devour everything in site. I wanted another pork chop. Luckily we didn't have another one, otherwise I would have caved!

None!! *argh* I find it harder to get motivated to exercise than to cut calories. We had a busy day with work which I used as an excuse, when I'm well aware I could have fit it in if I wasn't being so lazy. Tomorrow, Wii Active FOR SURE!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 2, Day 1 Summary

Here's what I ate today:
Water intake: 5 glasses

1 slice whwh toast, 1 tsp butter, 1 egg, coffee

3.7 oz steak, salad w/tomatoes & cucumbers, 1.5 tbsp dressing.

Farm Boy hot dog with steamed cauliflower.

strawberries in milk with 1 tsp sugar.

Total calorie intake: 1,050 (too low!)


I'll be taking this week's photo on Tuesday, we were too busy with work to get to it today.

Weekend Update

The weekend was tough, food-wise. My mom came to visit for the weekend, and John's mom came for dinner Saturday night. We planned a nice meal and I had allotted all my calories, but I couldn't resist the delicious mashed potatoes (with butter and whole milk to boot), and the extra wine (4 glasses total!!). I ended up at 2,200 calories on Saturday!!!

Here's the meal that put me over the top, cooked by my fabulous chef-at-home husband, John:
  • beef ribs braised in wine, beef stock, and lots of veggies
  • fresh corn salad with tomatoes, green onions & olive oil
  • baked asparagus
  • garlic mashed potatoes
  • lots of wine
  • ... at least we skipped dessert!!
Sunday we all went to Cora's for breakfast. I don't know why I keep going there, it's really not worth it. Although it's kid-friendly so it works for Holden. The mothers left and John and I had a nice dinner on our new patio after Holden went to sleep. Guess what. We had wine. We split a bottle of red and finished it. I'm such a cheap drunk, I was really feeling it. I still managed to stay at 1,800 calories for the day, but not much of it was healthy *sigh*.

Despite that, I ended up loosing 1.5 lbs this week *phew*

Next post: today's summary.

Weeks 2 Stats

Age: 36 yrs
Start Weight: 163 lbs (uuuuuuuugh)
Current Weight: 161.5 lbs (down 1.5!! yippee!)
BMI: 27 (no change)

Photo to come later today, as well as an update on my weekend overindulgence.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Drunk. Again. Weekends are hard.

*ugh* Day 6 (Part III) & Day 7 (Part I)

*ugh* drank too much wine, ate potatoes last night. Had Cora's *again!!!* for breakfast this morning. Having company over for the weekend is HARD!!!!

Will update later.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 6 (Part II)

Hallelujah! Did some recalculation and the beef ribs will be about 465 calories for 0.5lb meat only, which is much more accurate. This puts me back at my goal and I should be at 1,600 calories at the end of the day!!

... unless I drink too much wine.

Day 6 (Part I)

I just did my projected calorie count for the day, and it looks like I'll be way over. My mom & John's mom are coming over and we're making them a really nice dinner. Braised short ribs with corn salad, baked asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes (I'm skipping the potatoes). There will be wine as well!

Even though I'll be over in calories (it'll be about 2,200 at the end of the day) I still feel what I'm eating is healthy, so I'm not beating myself up over it.

In case you're curious, it's the beef ribs that are throwing me way off track. 1 lb is 1,000 calories. I'm not sure if that calculation of weight includes the bones. If it does not include the bones and just assumes the meat, then I may be on target afterall. (we're getting about 1lb each, including the bones).

More later!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 5 Summary

Here's what I ate today:
Water intake: 5

Coffee, 1 blueberry muffin.

Brunch (or breakie #2 LOL)
1 egg, 1 slice whwh toast with 1 tsp butter

5 Asian dumplings (pork & shrimp) with 2 carrots, 10 slices cucumber, 4 tbsp tzatziki dip.

1 peach

Black bean casserole (tortillas, black beans, tomatoes, salsa, frozen veggie mix, a bit of cheese)

Homemade blueberry muffin, 1 glass milk

Total calorie intake: 1,482

none *busy day*

Bits & Pieces

  1. Jasmine had her baby girl last night!!!
    Congrats Jasmine! No name yet, but everyone is happy and healthy.

  2. Calorie goal: I did a bit more research about how many calories a day I should be aiming for. Looks like my original goal of 1,800 was too high. I should be aiming for between 1,300 and 1,650, so I guess I was right in my previous post about 1,800 seeming too high!

  3. I am so sick of this RAIN!!!!!! I would love to get out and have some nice walks and play in the park with Holden, but it is soooo miserable out there :(

  4. Will I ever get to use our new patio?? Rain in the forecast for the next 4 days *boo*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 4 Summary

So I messed up this morning but jumped right back into things by lunch. Had something healthy to eat then did my Wii Active. I'm quite impressed with the Active so far, I'm really sweating by the end of it!

I made some blueberry muffins this evening that are delicious and healthy. Here's the recipe:

Healthy blueberry muffins:

Makes 12
143 calories, 2.4g fat, 27g carbs, 2g fiber, 4g protein

3/4 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup lightly packed brown sugar (I may try substituting applesauce next time)
1/4 cup oat bran
1/4 cup quick cooking oats
1/4 cup wheat germ (can substitute whole wheat flour)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup blueberries
1 banana, mashed
1 cup low fat buttermilk
1 egg
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 12 cup muffin pan, or line with paper muffin cups.

2. In a large bowl, stir together the all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, oat bran, quick-cooking oats, wheat germ, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Gently stir in the blueberries. In a separate bowl, mix together the mashed banana, buttermilk, egg, oil and vanilla. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry, and mix just until blended. Spoon into muffin cups, filling all the way to the top.

3. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the tops of the muffins spring back when lightly touched.

Here's what I ate today:
Water intake: 5 glasses (better)

Breakfast: Tim Horton's Xtra large coffee *ugh*

Lunch: 45g pasta, 2 tbsp pesto, 1 cup cherry tomatoes, 10 spears asparagus, 1/2 large orange, 1 glass milk

Snack: 1 slice whwh bread, 1 tsp butter

Dinner: 1 chorizo sausage, 1 hard boiled egg, salad (lettuce, 1/2 tomato, cucumber, corn from 1 corn on the cob, 1/3 cup croutons, 1.5 tbsp dressing)

Desert: 1 homemade blueberry muffin, 1 glass of milk

Total calorie intake: 1,634, under target, but still acceptable.
I'm starting to think 1,650 calories is where I'm comfortable when eating healthy. I feel like I'm eating too much when I go over that (not in a psychological way, but in a full tummy way!)

Exercise for the day:
25 minutes of Wii Active (165 calories burned)

Skipped breakfast, caved and got TM coffee. On a positive note, usually when I fall off the wagon, I use it as an excuse to eat like crap for the rest of the day. This time, I adjusted and jumped right back in!

Double Ugh

I skipped breakfast!! And I'm paying for it now... I'm weak and cranky.

Not to worry, I'm back on the wagon already. Lunch is on the stove... pesto pasta with tomatoes and asparagus.


Bad start to the day. We were out of coffee cream at home so I caved and got Tim Hortons coffee (a weakness of mine), which is way higher in fat and calories than the coffee I make.

Problem: I have a tendency to go for the quick, pre-packaged/take-out fix when we're out of what we need at home. Must get past this!!

At least I didn't get the bagel with butter too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 Summary

Here's what I ate today:
Water intake: 4

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 slice whwh toast, 1 tsp butter, 1 glass skim milk, 1.5 cups coffee

Lunch: 1 chicken thight, 1 hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 1.5 tbsp dressing, 1 small slice whwh bread with 1 tsp butter, 1 glass skim milk

Dinner: 130 grams salmon (a bit of oil for cooking), farfalle pasta, 2 tbsp pesto, baked asparagus (a bit of oil for cooking), .75 cup cherry tomatoes, 1 cup steamed broccoli

Total calorie intake: 1,672 calories, under my target, but still acceptable.

Exercise for the day:
None! *aargh* but apparently since I'm just starting out on the whole exercise thing I should do 2 days of exercise, then 1 day rest, so going by that theory I'm doing OK! My muscles are sore from the last 2 days, so I think the rest was good.

  • Water intake still too low.
  • I should have at least gone for a walk.
  • I feel like I'm eating too many carbs, especially today. I measured out the serving amount on the package of the pasta for dinner, and it ended up being way too much (over a cup). I ate it anyway, justifying that I had room on my calorie goal for the day. Dumb.
  • I'm not snacking, which I need to do (healthy stuff, of course). I think if I snack on fruits or raw veggies it will cut my carbs down but boost my calories a bit, so the numbers will even out.

On a side note, my baby sling turned out GREAT! Thanks Tracy for hosting the event and doing the hard part for me :) here's a pic of the finished product, sans baby.

Day 3 Lunch


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2 Summary (Part II)

Here's what I ate today:
Water intake: 4 glasses

Breakfast: coffee, 1 egg, 1 slice toast with a bit of butter

Brunch: coffee, 1 sausage link, 2 pieces bacon, 1/2 slice ham, 1.5 eggs, 1 slice white toast buttered, 1 crepe with a bit of syrup.

Dinner: 1 glass milk, 2 chicken thighs BBQ, 1/3 cup fresh peas, large salad with tomatoes, cucumber, croutone, a bit of dressing.

Problems: Water intake too low. Cora's threw me for a loop, I ended up not snacking in the middle of the day when I should have because I was worried about the meal I ate.

Total calorie intake: 1,560 calories (debatable, since I approximated for Cora's)

Exercise for the day:
Swimming at Theresa's house for 1 hr; walking with Jill for 50 minutes. Thanks for the support and company, ladies! You are awesome!!

Calories burned: about 500 calories!!

Day 2 Summary (Part I)

Today had challenges! Holden had to unexpectedly stay home from daycare, so I had to switch up my planned routine. Had an early breakfast, then went out with Jasmine and ate at Cora's for brunch. Went to my friend Theresa's house and swam in her pool for an hour, which was fun and awesome. Home, dinner with my boys (healthy!) and I'm about to head out for a walk with a new friend, Jill.

So despite being thrown for a loop, I think I managed to do some good activities, although Cora's wasn't a great idea.

Coming up later tonight, exercise breakdown and what I ate today.

Changed "Comments" Settings

Jasmine brought it to my attention that she couldn't comment since she isn't a registered user. I changed the settings so anyone can post comments now, registered or not.

Today's biggest challenge...

... was a bit of a bust, or at least a partial bust.

I went fabric shopping* with my very pregnant friend Jasmine (she's due today! c'moooooon baby!), and then we decided to have brunch at Cora's with Holden. Cora's does not have healthy options, I now realize. So I ate half of it. It was super large. I stopped before getting full, and skipped the potatoes alltogether. I added what I ate as accurately as I thought in FitDay, but I may try to be a 200 hundred calories under my goal at the end of the day since I'm sure everything they cook is loaded with oil or butter.

* fabric shopping: Jasmine and I are sewing baby slings tomorrow at an event with our mommy group (although this is a mommy only, no babies allowed event). But there's a good chance I'll be making Jasmine's since she should technically be in labor right now!!

Today's Challenge!

Today's challenge is that Holden unexpectedly has to stay home. My daycare provider contacted me late last night and told me she needs to take a personal day. I'm not upset about it, she's never done this and is very reliable, so I hope everything is OK at her place.

That being said, Holden is home all day, so I'll need to exercise around his schedule. I originally had plans to do Wii Active after he left for daycare, then go to my friend Theresa's house around 2pm to do some exercise before picking up Holden from daycare at 3:30 (sounds like a nice day, right??? I love being self-employed!). So now I'll have time to do the Wii Active during Holden's nap this afternoon, and maybe a walk after he goes down tonight.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1 Summary

Today wasn't too much of a challenge, since I'm still pumped and excited about everything. I know this feeling often wanes (hence being 163 lbs!!), but for now I'll take it and roll with it!! I've gotten lots of encouragement already and have 10 official followers! Thanks everyone :)

My goal is to eat apx 1800 calories per day and exercise to burn apx 150 calories per day, which should technically put me at losing 1.5 lb a week.

Are you curious about how many calories you need to eat per day to maintain your weight, or lose weight? You need to know your BMR (Basal metabolic rate). Here's a link to an easy calculator to figure it out. Don't forget to click "Daily Calorie Needs" to complete the process!

My BMR is 2317 calories per day to maintain, so cutting 500 calories per day brings me to 1817 calories to lose 1 lb a week.

Here's what I ate today:
Water intake: 7 glasses

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 slice whwh toast, 1 tsp butter, 1 glass milk

Snack: 1 peach

Lunch: 1 hot dog with mustard (not the best choice, but planned for), large salad with 1/4 avocado, 1/2 tomato, 4 slices cucumber, 1.5 tbsp dressing.

Snack: 1/4 cup almonds

Dinner: 1/3 lb ribeye steak, baked asparagus tossed lightly with canola oil, steamed cauliflower, green beans & carrots. .5 tsp light soya sauce. 1 cup cherries.

Snack: 1 bag Orville Redenbachers Smart Pop popcorn

ETA: I ended up eating only 2/3 of the bag of popcorn, so I ended up on target with my calories afterall!!

Total calorie intake for the day: 1,881 (64 calories over)
ETA: 1750 with popcorn change.

Exercise for the day:
Morning: 25 minute workout with Wii Active (burned 133 calories). It was a pretty good workout! I chose moderate intensity, and I was sweating by the middle of it LOL

Week 1 photo & stats

Age: 36 yrs
Weight: 163 lbs (uuuuuuuugh)
BMI: 27 (double uuuuuugh!)
BMR: 1495 calories (which means if I work out moderately daily that I have to eat 2317 calories to maintain my weight)

(click photo to see larger version)

Ready, set, go!!

I jump started over the weekend by going for walks and not eating junk. I also bought Active for the Wii. I've heard great things, so hopefully I'll enjoy it, or at the very least endure it.

I've prepared for this challenge by starting up a FitDay account where I can login what I've eaten and what exercise I've done for the day and it does all these neat calculations. It's got a bunch of other extra info you can enter, but I prefer to do that on this blog (moods, challenges, etc). I'll use FitDay strictly for tracking numbers. My FitDay profile is also public. Click to view! The link is also in the right-hand sidebar.

Challenges I think I'll face:
I hate exercising.
I love eating. A lot. Of bad stuff.
Pretty much the exact opposite of leading a healthy lifestyle!

My goal is to exercise moderately everyday to start, and build up the intensity as my body permits. Right now, I'm a bit of a mess. My lower back is often in pain, I regularly have really bad knee pain, hip joints pain... it really is unacceptable. I'm sure much of this is from the weight gain (back pain may be from having a baby though, it's new since having Holden).

That being said, there are still plenty of exercises available to me. I'm going to mix it up so I don't get too bored or annoyed LOL... regular walks, Wii Active, swimming if possible, and whatever else I can come up with.

Next entry coming later this morning: this week's picture (the first "before" picture!! yikes!), today's stats, challenges, and thoughts.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blog set up today

I've set up the blog today and started tracking my calories. Official blog start on Monday, although you can view my FitDay tracking as of today. See link on the right sidebar.