Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today's Challenge!

Today's challenge is that Holden unexpectedly has to stay home. My daycare provider contacted me late last night and told me she needs to take a personal day. I'm not upset about it, she's never done this and is very reliable, so I hope everything is OK at her place.

That being said, Holden is home all day, so I'll need to exercise around his schedule. I originally had plans to do Wii Active after he left for daycare, then go to my friend Theresa's house around 2pm to do some exercise before picking up Holden from daycare at 3:30 (sounds like a nice day, right??? I love being self-employed!). So now I'll have time to do the Wii Active during Holden's nap this afternoon, and maybe a walk after he goes down tonight.

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