Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today's biggest challenge...

... was a bit of a bust, or at least a partial bust.

I went fabric shopping* with my very pregnant friend Jasmine (she's due today! c'moooooon baby!), and then we decided to have brunch at Cora's with Holden. Cora's does not have healthy options, I now realize. So I ate half of it. It was super large. I stopped before getting full, and skipped the potatoes alltogether. I added what I ate as accurately as I thought in FitDay, but I may try to be a 200 hundred calories under my goal at the end of the day since I'm sure everything they cook is loaded with oil or butter.

* fabric shopping: Jasmine and I are sewing baby slings tomorrow at an event with our mommy group (although this is a mommy only, no babies allowed event). But there's a good chance I'll be making Jasmine's since she should technically be in labor right now!!

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