Monday, July 20, 2009

Ready, set, go!!

I jump started over the weekend by going for walks and not eating junk. I also bought Active for the Wii. I've heard great things, so hopefully I'll enjoy it, or at the very least endure it.

I've prepared for this challenge by starting up a FitDay account where I can login what I've eaten and what exercise I've done for the day and it does all these neat calculations. It's got a bunch of other extra info you can enter, but I prefer to do that on this blog (moods, challenges, etc). I'll use FitDay strictly for tracking numbers. My FitDay profile is also public. Click to view! The link is also in the right-hand sidebar.

Challenges I think I'll face:
I hate exercising.
I love eating. A lot. Of bad stuff.
Pretty much the exact opposite of leading a healthy lifestyle!

My goal is to exercise moderately everyday to start, and build up the intensity as my body permits. Right now, I'm a bit of a mess. My lower back is often in pain, I regularly have really bad knee pain, hip joints pain... it really is unacceptable. I'm sure much of this is from the weight gain (back pain may be from having a baby though, it's new since having Holden).

That being said, there are still plenty of exercises available to me. I'm going to mix it up so I don't get too bored or annoyed LOL... regular walks, Wii Active, swimming if possible, and whatever else I can come up with.

Next entry coming later this morning: this week's picture (the first "before" picture!! yikes!), today's stats, challenges, and thoughts.


  1. Lower back and hip pain.. I feel this for you I really do. I blame most of mine on Lucien as well and the length of co-sleeping that we did. I was convinced I had herniated a disc or two because I'd be rendered absolutely useless in agonizing pain for days on end. I couldn't move, couldn't lay down, couldn't sit. Finally got to physio and it turns out that I was repetitively spraining my lower back muscles and it was because my HIP muscles were loose and not strong. She sees this ALL the time in women the first 3 years after having a baby. What started to fix me to where I could do more, was lots of bridges, cat's pose, planks, children's pose, squats and lunges. It built the core as well as strengthened the hips.

    I would also look into SparkPeople, they have TONS of exercise demos, little videos and that as well.

  2. Thanks for the tips Becka!! That sounds like it might be on track with my issues as well. I'll look into SparkPeople :)

  3. oh and to further the it's my weakass hips theory, i haven't been doing much the past 2 months because of the BS with my mom, and my back is in agony again. I can't even blame it on Lucien because he's no longer sleeping with us *L* I've been building up every morning with a series of those exercises and I've felt the best today than I have since mid-May.

  4. I just joined SparkPeople... wow what a wealth of info and free resources on there! Really impressed with what they offer so far. Imma do an entry 'bout it :)