Friday, August 14, 2009

Full disclosure time! Again!

Today John and I are having a date day.
We'll be going to a movie and having lunch at Moxie's. I'm sure I'll be over my calories. Moxie's has this 3 dip bread. It's to die for. And it's bread. I'll definitely be over!

Tomorrow evening I'm hosting Kylie's baby shower, and there will be lots of yummy things that I simply cannot resist! Hello!! Chocolate right in front of my face!! And I'll probably have some wine. The joy of hosting: no driving!!

So today and tomorrow: I'll update what I ate, but may not count calories so I don't freak out too much LOL. If I eat 3,000 calories in a day, I don't wannna know. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes. I realize I'll be pissed at my weigh-in on Monday. And this Monday is photo day too *urgh*

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