Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm finally starting up again. It's getting ridiculous. I'm officially at the heaviest I have ever been (except when pregnant). I am now a whopping 173 lbs. It's very depressing.

Here's the vicious circle I got myself into:
Eating refined sugar (lots, daily), energy crash, too lazy to get active, mood crash, which makes me crave & eat more sugar... lather rinse repeat.

I've cut back on sugar big time in the last 2 days and it's made me realize something: I am a sugar addict. I'm not saying that lightly. I quit smoking cold turkey about 4 yrs ago, and I feel the exact same way now as I did those first few weeks without nicotine. I want sugar all the time, I think about it a lot, I get jittery, being around it is stressful.

So I need to treat it as an addiction.

And this is going to sound crazy, but just 2 days with (much) less sugar, and I already feel better. My energy is still pretty lame, but my mood has hugely improved.

Exercise plan:
Get back on the Wii Active and do the 30 day challenge
Joined the blog challenge Losing 1 lb at a time
Joined my mommy group's sister "get fit" group (join us if you're in Ottawa!)
Bought a bike!

My goal is to lose 30 lbs by January 2011 (8 months), so that's just under 1 lb per week. Woooooo! I can do it!!

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  1. Yes, you can!
    Thanks for joining --- looking forward to seeing your progress :-)